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The Importance of Drain Care and Maintenance

The Importance of Drain Care and Maintenance

Frequently, many homes have poorly maintained drains because such sections of the home are typically out of sight. Homeowners tend to relegate maintenance of drains to the back burner; often focusing on parts of the house that have aesthetic appeal. However, it is imperative to pay attention to drains because they aid in removing waste, as well as excess water away from the home to the sewers. Backed up drains are not only repulsive but can also be a health hazard to the home. Pools of stagnant water in the sink or tub can harbor perilous bacteria, and cause the entire house to reek tremendously. There are numerous benefits of drain maintenance.

Prevents Blockages and Clogs

Drain care and maintenance is an essential activity in the home because it prevents blockages and clogs. A clogged sewer line can potentially cause damage to a significant section of the home’s piping system. Also, blockages can cause wastewater to drain slowly. When clogs cause extensive obstruction, homeowners might have to enlist the services of a professional plumber. Regular maintenance can prevent such occurrences and subsequently, save the homeowner a significant amount of money.

Lengthens the Lifespan of the Plumbing System

Typically, many homeowners posit that they have bigger things to worry about than check the drainage system. Drain maintenance is vital in ensuring that the piping stands the test of time. When wastewater flows smoothly, it is possible to improve the longevity of the septic system.

To Restore Old Homes

Most old homes tend to have archaic plumbing. There are different factors that affect plumbing including rusty pipes, root intrusion, or displaced piping. Regular maintenance is imperative in such homes because the age of the piping can compromise the integrity of the drain. Restoration of such drains prevents severe problems and save the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs, as well as time.

Reduces Odors

One major characteristic of poorly maintained drains is unpleasant smells. Bad odors can affect the comfort of the home and thus negatively affect the quality of life. It is crucial to call the plumber whenever one notices odors emanating from the drains. Additionally, it is important to conduct repairs immediately to enhance the hygiene and cleanliness of the home.

To Mitigate Blockages Caused by Humans

In homes where there are families, it is likely that young and naïve children could throw things down sinks or toilets. In some instances, children can throw toys or dolls down a drain without the knowledge of an adult. Drain care and maintenance can mitigate against such problems and ensure the homeowner discovers blockages before it is too late.

In conclusion, it is evident that drain maintenance is a necessary step in maintaining a clean home. Not only does maintenance alleviate bad odors, but it also saves the homeowner a significant amount of money in the long term. Drains, just like any other part of the home, need to be regularly checked. Evidently, the fact that the drains are out of sight is not a prerequisite to ignore them.

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8 Plumbing Things You Need to Know Job Pay

8 Plumbing Things You Need to Know Job Pay

Plumbing is any systems to transport water in a wide distance. It involves valves, pipes tanks, and others materials. It is important since it helps transport water that is used for hygiene, for health and as well as the wellbeing. While plumbing there are several things one needs to know especially in the course, below are some plumbing things you need to know:

How to turn off the running water:

Usually, the turning off water valve is mainly located outside the wall or underground in the box which you need to open first, or under the kitchen sinks. Ones you locate the valve shut the water off by turning the valve clockwise until the water stop running.

Location of each plumbing fixtures turn off valve:

Home sink and toilet have their own turning off valve where you shut off the water supply to one fixture. One need to know the location of each of the valves just in case of an emergency one may turn off the water in the main fixture.

Location of each plumbing appliance shut off valve:

One needs to know the location of the main water valve and the location of valve that control the supply of water to each fixture, also be aware of shutting off of the water to each of the plumbing appliances such as washing machines dishwasher and water heater just in case of an emergency.

Reading of the water meter

Water meter is used to read the amount of water used in gallons or cubic feet. If one’s home is analog one is required to read the 6 dials counter in a clockwise way to know the amount of water used in cubic feet or in gallons. The digital homes usually have meters that digital display that reads like a pump of a gas. Ones the household keeps the track of the records they can easily identify leaks since there will be a spike in water usage that can be easily explained.

Be aware of your water pressure:

Normal water pressure is about 80 psi, the water pipes appliances and fixtures cannot withstand more than this instead it will cause leaks. Ones should regularly pick water pressure gauge to check the pressure by themselves for safety purposes, or call the water company to check the water pressure.

Be aware of the location of the sewage system clean out plugs:

Whether the household is connected to the private septic tank or a public sewer they deserve to know the location of their cleanout plug. Hygiene of the plugs is usually the first step in fighting a backup.

Location of the conditioning condensation lines:

The difference of the outer door and temperature produced by the AC unit the air conditioner generate the condensation. Hence be aware of the location of condensation lines and check them regularly.

Be aware of signs of failing water heater:

The older the heater the less efficient it becomes, old heater cause water to become rusty, when this happens the units produce alarming sounds and some leaks may happen too.


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